Gain friendship, creative support and make connections with like minds!


All communities need support. Hippy Hollow Recordings gains support from its local musicians, performers and local appreciators of music, arts, and community. 

If you would like to be a part of something truly unique and creative please consider volunteering for Hippy Hollow Recording events.   


Volunteers are typically musicians and performers who, in exchange, for their volunteer work, receive opportunities to record sessions at no charge, and to utilize the stage to showcase their talents.  

Volunteers are also people within the community who are enthusiastic about the arts, want to share their skills and trade, and want to gain experience working together to reaching a common, creative goal. 

3 Years ago performers and volunteers came together and built a stage in 4 days. A small wooden platform named "The Sunrise Stage" now holds  a creative space deep in the forrest for those who come and perform their expressive talents. 


"I am so grateful to have finally visited and participated in the Hippy Hollow action !! The energy and support from the staff was one of the warmest feelings I’ve had while playing a gig !! Extremely kind and talented folks who I hope to see more of."

Some tasks are physically demanding and require "grunt work" such as hauling gear up and down the 800 ft path for musicians and performers during events, Other duties include greeting guests at the gate, trash removal, clean up and random tasks that need to be completed through out the day.

If you have any specific  skills, a craft, or hobby that you feel would be beneficial in sharing with our community we are open and thankful to hear any opportunities.


For any inquires on how to volunteer and it's requirements please email Katherine Schimke kate@hippyhollowrecordings.com



"A place that you feel at home as soon as you step on the deck. Hippy Hollow is a place you always wanted to be, and will leave you wishing the music and good times don’t stop when you walk the path back. They provide an opportunity for musicians to perform, and an even more unforgettable experience through all of the positive and encouraging actions and words. There’s never a dull moment, and always lots of laughs to be had. Come a stranger, and leave a friend. I can’t think of a better place that plays such a role in our local community."


Any size donations welcome! Your donations would help our community grow and provide us with more options  maintaining the land and performance areas for our artists and guests. Proceeds go towards a budget for promotional materials and merchandise to offer the public, updating our gear, equipment and land. To donate please email kate@hippyhollowrecordings.com