Hippy Hollow designs an environment for artists to share their performances at a grassroots level. Creating an intimate space conducive to authentic art awareness & appreciation. Fostering relationships between community members involved with the arts and providing a humble venue for the public to attend and be entertained.


Why are we off social media?

We acknowledge it no longer serves the purpose of this project. House concerts are hosted on private property. Having a location online, free of public opinion platforms, is a right we will utilize. Respectfully, we're seeking a deeper root of awareness that goes beyond social media platforms. But please remember we have not gone away! Our artists & patrons can share our events on social media via hippyhollw.com


Who benefits from house concerts by Hippy Hollow?


The Hosts: An opportunity to showcase and celebrate curated artists from the privacy of their property. 

The Patrons: The ability to see an assortment of quality performers in an intimate environment & the opportunity to directly engage in and support a community of like minds.

The Artists: An opportunity to perform their craft directly to the prime demographic of patrons who support and highly value local art communities. 100% of donations go directly into the artists' pockets.