Brian Wolverton


Also known as Phi.

Phi is the Greek letter assigned to the Golden Ratio (1.618) which, like Pi, is a constant proportion that is seen in nature in both the living and the nonliving beauty which the atoms and molecules of the observable world mystically align themselves to as if by some unseen hand. The ratio reflects the quotient a/b, where (a+b)/a = a/b. This nesting-like quality lends itself to spirals, fractals, nested polygons, and so much else. It underlies beauty and symmetry, as well as strangeness and randomness of the 3-dimensional universe we get to enjoy and experience for a fleeting moment of space-time.

Likewise, the music of Phi is an exploration of sonic beauty, as well as strangeness and randomness. Its intent is to not be bound by form or genre, and hopefully it comes to evoke a range of emotion... but its common thread is introspection. 

Phi Collective at the Hippy Hollow Recordings Open House

Phi Collective playlist